The large public bath, “Terunoyu”

Enjoy Beppu hot spring
Hot springs exclusive for hotel guests

Exclusive outdoor & indoor hot spring
for hotel guests.
Let’s be heart-healed by the good quality
Beppu hot spring.
Hot springs are also open
in early morning time.

Open-Air Bath

Outdoor hot spring

Outdoor hot spring
  • Surrounded by trees, a relaxing hot spring experience with the gentle, natural wind

    Roomy bathtub designs in both the gentleman and lady side for your enjoyment. Please be refreshed by the hot spring and the surrounding natural sceneries.

    • Outdoor hot spring
    • Outdoor hot spring
Indoor Bath

Indoor hot spring

Indoor hot spring

A public bath with peaceful, natural sunlight

A quiet traditional indoor hot spring. A spacious bath area and bathtubs for the most comfortable bathing experience of our guests.

Basic information
about the hot springs
Hot spring quality
Pure hot spring
Gastrointestinal disorders, stresses, muscle fatigue
Hot spring type
Natural hot spring public bath, outdoor hot spring
Opening hours
Usage fee
Free (for hotel guests)